Kitchen And Bathroom Plumbing for Barwon Heads Renovation

This is a recent house renovation we completed the plumbing work for on a property in the heart of Barwon Heads. It included kitchen an bathroom plumbing including installing a very nice looking SMEG gas cook top. If you are planning on renovating your property get in touch and we can have a chat about the work involved and give you a quote.

Gas Line Replacement in Melbourne Western Suburbs

This property in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne required a new gas line as the old galvanised line, as you can see in the photos, had well and truly passed its use by date.

The existing line was disconnected and removed to enable the new line to be installed. We then tested the new line and you guessed it no more leaks!

If you are unsure about your existing gas line or are looking at upgrading gas appliances please be sure to get in touch today.

Gas Metre Replacement Melbourne's Western Suburbs

Gas and Water Lines and Electrical Current

When dealing with existing metallic service lines for water and gas always ensure you take precautions. The video below is an example of a gas cut in and connection with the use of bonding straps. These are used to provide any stray electrical currents from using the human body as a bridge for conduction!!! ⚡️⚡️

Don’t risk it, call us or another licensed plumber!


Copper Pipe Bursts Because of Cold Night in Point Londsdale

After a very frosty night in Point Lonsdale, exposed to the elements, this copper pipe just couldn’t take it any more!

The severe cold snap caused the pipe to freeze and in turn burst open under pressure. As always we were happy to help out!

Note the UV rated insulation we also installed over the repaired hot water line to keep the pipe at a consistent temperature.

Enware Blueline Bubbler Installation – Point Lonsdale

This bubbler from the Enware Blueline Bubbler Range is perfect for the playground drinking trough. Easy to use even for the smallest hands, and self closing to save water. The soft, bright-blue rubber mouth guard protects teeth, is antibacterial and UV stabilised against sun damage.

Watch the video below!

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Water Leak Repair – Collendina

This property owner, as well as the adjoining neighbour, came home to significant water damage caused by a burst cold water pipe in the ceiling space. The cause of the leak was not what you would typically expect. In this case a rat had chewed its way through the pipe wall!


Barwon Heads Bathroom Renovation

Geelong Enviro Plumbing is more than happy to work collaboratively with Owner-Builders. We are willing to work closely with our clients and help out as needed.

As an example we recently worked in with the Owner-Builder of this existing property in Barwon Heads we helped them to achieve a high quality en-suite with great finishes.