Stormwater System for Sand – Point Londsdale

Alternative Stormwater System in Point Lonsdale

Point Lonsdale, Victoria

We recently began in-ground works to an exiting new project in Point Lonsdale.

The site is not serviced by council drainage due to the geological condition of the soil. The natural material is not much different from what you have on any beach!

As such an alternative stormwater system is engineered and installed.

This system is designed to disperse the rainwater into the natural ground via a 13m long soakage pit. You will see the trench is lined with GeoFab to prevent silt from entering as well as keeping tree roots out.

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Torquay house plumbing

Domestic Plumbing With Care and Style

Some photos of Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry and Toilet plumbing from a recent job in Torquay.

At Geelong Enviro Plumbing we enjoy domestic work and helping new and existing home owners with their exacting plumbing requirements for both new home or renovations.

Here is some recent work we did for a new home in Torquay, Victoria

We are happy to talk through the entire process to make sure you get exactly what you want. Plumbing is a very important part of living and we want our clients to be happy and content with our workmanship.

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Shed Roof to Rain Water Tank Geelong

Rain Water Storage

We are very experienced in installing water tanks and capturing rain water from  roofs all across the Bellarine and Mornington Peninsulas.

Capturing storm water has been done throughout history and with modern tanks and storm water pipes today we can do it so much better. Plus it makes absolute sense in this day and age.

Here is a selection of sheds including a stand out massive shed in Geelong that are some of the many that we have transformed into a storm water rain collection appliances!

Hose tap and 20mm water fitting line in Bellarine Peninsula

Extra Water Pressure

One of our commercial clients required a new wash down area for their plant and equipment. We were happy to help out by plumbing in a 20mm water fitting line and hose tap.

We also love the look of the exposed copper and straight lines as is the plant owner who is most happy with the extra pressure provided by the 20mm pipes!

Damaged stormwater drain

Replace Stormwater Drain

As you can see in these photos this stormwater drain had been completely taken over by tree roots that caused major damage to this property

We renewed the in ground drain and made sure the drainage system was running at 100%.

Another day on the job at Geelong Enviro Plumbing. Contact us if you need help with any plumbing or drainage work!

Another great renovation in Footscray

Plumbing Work In Footscray

Through word of mouth we do a lot of plumbing work all through the Western Suburbs of Melbourne and in particular renovations in the Footscray area of late!

A good choice of fittings and clean minimalist design makes for another renovation and plumbing project that we are proud to have been a part of.

If you are planning a renovation be sure to get in touch today on 0422 166 041 for a free quotation.

Restaurant Plumbing Fit Out in Fitzroy

Restaurant Plumbing Work In Fitzroy

Geelong Enviro Plumbing recently completed an exciting plumbing project to a new business soon to appear in a trendier part of Melbourne’s restaurant scene.

Stay tuned for more pics of the final finishes of this new restaurant in the heart of Fitzroy.

Our team is well equipped for commercial work in this particular case restaurant plumbing that also came with  with the bonus of good food and coffee on location.